Landscape design of St. George in Kalo Chorio

This project is about the development of the precinct of the Saint George Church in Kalo Chorio Limassol, which dates back to the 18th century. Given the significance of the monument, through our design we had to highlight the monument, and at the same time to serve the functional needs of the space. So, we expressed spatially the perspective, through which the visitor sees the monument from the two entrances of the site, by differentiating the geometry and the material of the floor (stone of the area), and we marked this perspective with lighting which ends to the edges of the monument. The stone is the dominant material because it connects the minimalism with tradition. The rest of the materials are more neutral in order to emphasize the monument, and to state the time period in which the intervention was performed. Product of our design is the urban equipment and the WC, which follow the philosophy of the whole operation.

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