Old Strovolos revival

The design proposal is based on the penetration of the green in the area with the development and deployment of green stripes and also by the returning of the water back to the river with the creation of a «bioswales» network, which aims to the filtering and consolidation of the rainwater, before they are channeled back to Pedieos river. The design is based on a few simple principles. The green is spreading in the form of elongated strips extended in the area, something that creates suitable conditions for the connection between cityscape, green and walker. At the same time, the connection of public and private green is proposed, declaring some private trees as part of the program, a move that is an expression of inclusivity. Additionally, the creation of green walls and the exploitation of some public buildings’ flat roofs as green roofs, expand the green element.

Study group: Andreas Savvides, Anna Papadopoulou, Constantinos Vassiliades, Despina Parpa, Georgia Mazeri, Alkistis Kartsiou, Maria Prokopiou, Ioanna Georgiadou

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