Our vision for the new PASYKAF Center was the creation of an innovative building, with simple and elegant forms. The question that initiated the design was:

"How do you create an extroverted building while maintaining privacy for users?"
Thus, its design integrates and contrasts the interior with the common / public spaces and the green element, with parallel interactions and encouragement of the connections between them, but at the same time by protecting the privacy of the daily users of the building.
The visualization of the above and their transformation into space, required the creation of a compact in the looks building, which in reality is extrovert and airy. This is achieved with the bold design move to insert the southern garden into the building, in a way that it essentially separates the building into two main volumes, while the entire ground floor is unified and exploited as a single level of public space. At the same time, the design ensures the direct and visual connection of all users with the physical element, without affecting privacy, since the development takes place at multiple vertical levels.

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