TEPAK student halls, Limassol


The design aims to integrate and contrast private living spaces with common / public spaces, with the interaction and encouragement of the connections between them, taking always into account the simultaneous protection of privacy. Large courtyards were used as organizational systems of the space, providing visual and spatial access to most of the rooms, referencing to the college courtyards’ typologies. At the same time, the internal movements of the building were organized around small and private linear atriums within the buildings. The creation of these axes between the buildings, could be used as future design axes for the neighbouring developments. At the same time, they create permeability in the buildings, thus giving a sense of lightness and encouragement of movement to the wider environment. At the same time, the morphological structure of the buildings and the planting, comes from an analysis of environmental factors, considering the effects of climate change and the provision of appropriate adaptation strategies based on the specific climatologic conditions of Limassol. Collaborators: Akis Stephanides, Christos Italos, Christina Elia, Rafaella Moiseos, Andreas Savvides, Antonio Moll, Mattia Leone, Simone Piccolo, Martina Pizzicato

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