House in Palodia I

The design of this nZEB bioclimatic residence is based on the current architectural trends that define a minimalistic interpretation of the modernism, with the ultimate goal of highlighting the actual architectural features without unnecessary decorations and exaggerations. The main idea is based on the “embracement” of the living spaces within a frame made by exposed concrete, which, in addition to being a morphological element, also aims at the efficient passive solar protection of the house. At the same time, it favors winter insolation through the huge southern glazing, which also provide a sense of continuity with the external environment. The composition marks the private spaces with the use of wood, thus aiming to give a sense of warmth to the concept of "living". The bioclimatic character is based on a plethora of characteristics beyond the passive sun protection, such as the rotation of the horizontal cantilevers towards the south as much as possible, the forced natural ventilation using the stack effect created by the double height in the living room combined with the south and north-facing high windows, as well as the careful placement of the openings depending on their orientation.

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