House in Limassol VIII

In this nZEB bioclimatic house in Limassol, the concept of the exterior / interior unification was explored, in the narrow context of an urban half-plot, following minimalistic practices, based on the modernistic "form follows function". Thus, all the common areas of the residence were placed on the ground floor and have the possibility of integrating with the exterior spaces, through the sliding glazing doors, which extend along the entire residence. The lightness offered by this transparency, is contrasted with the solidity of the exposed concrete which is the main material of the ground floor spaces. On the first floor, wooden beams were used as façade cladding, while the design is completed by a white frame that “embraces” the volume of the first floor. Due to the extended transparencies and the attempt to correlate with the exterior spaces, attention was given to the placement of the functions and openings in the synthesis, so that the building has the necessary insolation in the winter and sun protection in the summer, while the layout of openings and spaces takes advantage of, among other things, the stack effect, creating natural ventilation conditions in the summer. This is also supported by the placement of an atrium in the center of the residence, which is combined with the move of the white volume away from the side where the building will be connected with the neighbouring building, when the neighbouring plot is developed. All the bioclimatic measures are supported by the use of active systems, such as a 5kW photovoltaic system and an intelligent system for managing openings and external shading systems.

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