House in Limassol I

Minimalist morphological choices, plasticity of the geometry and a decision to distinguish the main architectural features of the building, led to a result which is based on simplicity, without decorations and exaggerations. At the same time, the identification of the design with modernistic design patterns gave the main idea, which is analysed into the composition of three main volumes, separated by material and function - exposed concrete for the dining area, wooden cladding for public spaces and white color for the private spaces. At the same time, the project's bioclimatic design led to an nZEB building, which utilizes among others, specially designed passive shading systems, high thermal insulation capacity and design which helps natural lighting and ventilation. The opening on the south corner of the white volume on the ground floor, creates a covered outdoor space, which in addition to the provision of natural light, it also unifies the interior with the outdoor spaces, offering a sense of continuity to the users.

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