House in Kalo Chorio I

"Plastic Geometry"

(Architectural Magazine “Sintheseis”, August / Sept. '96 )

The study was completed by our office in 1996. Morphologically, the residence is consisted of two main parts that give the false impression of two independent residences. In essence these two parts follow the functional paneling of the building, since the lowest volume accommodates the communal functions of the dwelling, and the other one the private spaces. The aim was to create a house that was fully integrated in the space, and it was not imposed upon the environment but it was integrated with it simply, smoothly and without any bad contrasts with the nature. We wanted it to maintain even a few traditional elements and to be coordinated in any way with the time and space of today. Because it would be disoriented to make an entirely “traditional” house nowadays, by building with stone and mimic elements and styles that belong to history. The house in Kalo Chorio is not the home of a lousy city nor the classic home of the mountain. It's a simple house, adapted to human needs, which serves all the necessary functions.

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