House in Limassol XI

The main aim of the design of this semi-detached nZEB house, was the fulfillment of the need for natural lighting, since its south side was attached on an existing building. In order to accomplish this, both the ground and the first floor were developed around a patio, which in addition to the provision of natural light, it introduces greenery and a sense of permeability, transforming the interior of a small urban house into an open and airy composition. At the same time, the detachment of the first floor from the existing building, made the placement of openings on the south side possible, thus providing insolation to the bedrooms. The development of the building around this patio adds to the bioclimatic character of the building, since it also functions as a kind of solar chimney, helping the natural ventilation. Morphologically, the design was focused on the simplicity of the whole, and simple design lines, earthy materials and colors were preferred, as a counterweight to the intensity and noise of the city.

Photographs: The Naũt Studio

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