House in Agios Tychonas I

In this bioclimatic house, a minimalistic direction was followed aiming at the distinction of its true architectural features, whilst the design was based on modernistic standards, since the functions of the building are reflected on its geometry. The main idea is analyzed in the composition of two main volumes, which are separated by their color and their cladding. Gray with wood strips for the public spaces and white with wood panels for the private spaces. The bioclimatic character of the building originates from the fact that the volumes are open to the south while they turn their back to the north. In this context, the plane that surrounds the building, develops a horizontal shelter on the south, providing sun protection. The energy features of the building are supported with the use of thermal insulation, the arrangement of the openings for the achievement of natural cross-ventilation and the use of active systems such as a 3kW building integrated photovoltaic system.

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