House in Limassol VI

The aim of this project in Limassol was the creation of an nZEB, bioclimatic house, which is open to the south and to the view, whilst it takes advantage of the environmental conditions in order to achieve thermal comfort. The large southern glass surfaces allow natural lighting, while they unify the interior with the exterior. The need for sun protection was resolved by the creation of a white "Z" shaped form, which integrates the covered parking spot with the main building volume, functions as a passive sun protection system and characterizes the morphology of the building. The spaces were translated in volumes which created a composition that was placed into the cavities of this white form. The design is based on simple, minimalistic geometries, which led to the use of exposed concrete, large wooden surfaces and the use of the “neutral” white color. In the context of the bioclimatic design approach, a small patio was created, which in addition to the indirect natural light it provides, it also acts as a solar chimney, thus reducing the summer thermal loads.

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