Apartments building in Limassol III

The morphological solution of this 9-flat apartment building in Limassol, was based on an abstract composition of compact volumes and planes, which are differentiated from each other by their material. Earthy and truthful materials were chosen, which were used to emphasize the simplicity of the architectural solution.
The dominant feature of the solution is the configuration of the balconies, which, by the deviation from the rectangularity, tries to differentiate geometrically from the alignment and repetition found on the facades of the typical apartment buildings. At the same time, their materiality is also differentiated by the use of exposed concrete, while the arrangement of the triangular holes on the side, offers sun protection, allowing the necessary natural ventilation and view. At the same time, the use of glass railing aims to balance a potential heavy feeling caused by the compact composition.
Finally, the vertical common movements are served by the central vertical volume, which has wooden cladding, while the vertical window which expands to its full height, signifies its function.

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