Apartments building in Limassol I

"Volumes and planes in dialogue"
(KTIRIO | May 2014, | July 2013)

The building is located in Limassol and consisted of 6 apartments. Morphologically, the building is a composition of solid volumes and surfaces, which vary in color and reflect functional differentiations and movements ∙ always aiming to the functionality and the comfort of the user. Dominant feature is the central vertical volume which is marked with a bright red color and serves the vertical movements. The balconies project into "alignment" as a reference to the morphological repeatability of the classic flats - only here, the order and the simplicity are the philosophy of composition. The glass railings highlight the overhanging levels and balance the "heavy feeling" of the compact set. In the latter, the circular openings in the "frame" that surrounds the balconies are opposed. Finally, the south facade retains the compact feeling, but the recesses and projections of the cubic volumes and the mild color variations offer the desired visual transitions that kill monotony.

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