House in Limassol V

(e-magazine: | July 2016)

In this bioclimatic nearly zero energy building (nZEB), we followed a minimalistic direction morphologically, in order to distinguish the actual architectural features without unnecessary decorations and exaggerations, following modernistic standards. The main idea is analyzed in the synthesis of three basic volumes, which are separated by their function and their material - white for the common spaces, wood for the private spaces and exposed concrete for the parking. The bioclimatic character of the building played equally important role, since the two main volumes are 'open' to the south and 'turn their back' to the north. In this context, the rotation of the ground floor white volume is included in order to be located exactly perpendicular to the south. Similarly, the volume of wood floor overhangs by 3 meters to the east, creating a shelter for the users, ideal for the evening hours. The environmental orientation of the house, is completed with the use of thermal insulated materials and active systems, such as a 3kW photovoltaic system.

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