House in Limassol IX

BigSee Architecture Award Winner 2020

The bioclimatic design strategy of this house led to the creation of a Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB). The minimalistic morphological choices were made to separate the architectural features of the building, whilst the modernist design patterns that were followed, led to a result without decorations and exaggerations. The main idea is analysed in the composition of two main volumes, which are separated by their function and their material - exposed concrete for communal spaces, white colour for the private spaces. Even though the residence is semi-attached, the 1st floor’s white volume is independent, allowing all the spaces to have natural lighting, since openings were placed on all its sides. At the same time, a small patio was created on the ground floor, which in addition to the natural light provided, unifies the interior with the exterior, giving a sense of continuity to the users. Finally, the 1st floor’s volume has a projection of 4 meters, creating that way a covered outdoor space.

Photos: Giorgos Charalambous


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