Restoration of an olive mill in Lania


This building was restored in 2008 after a study conducted by our office. The olive mill was built around 1600 to serve the village. From a morphological point of view, the building is a classic example of the traditional architecture of Cyprus.
Originally, the building had no roof, but terrace. In 1948 the equipment is modernized, which required the increase of the height of the olive mill, so the gabled roof is made. This roof was restored. In 1960 the olive mill is plastered externally with cement coating in order to "protect" the stonework. This is observed in other similar buildings and is basically a trend of the times, which has its roots in the "dictations" of the Modern Movement. However, this action brought the opposite results and instead of protection, it caused damage to the masonry due to the inside moisture condensation. So, the external plaster was removed. The windows were replaced where necessary and constructed in accordance with the old designs. The complex now houses a museum and the community offices.

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