House in Limassol II

"Energy and functional upgrade of an existing residence in Limassol"
(e-magazine | September 2015)
(architectural magazine: KTIRIO | November 2016)

Existing residence in Limassol: Improvement of its functionality by adding a floor and renewal of its morphology by the use of new elements that include it in the contemporary architectural vocabulary. A "Γ" shaped frame, which includes the additions and part of the existing building unifies visually the whole residence, while is the main morphological characteristic. On the staircase side (which is open to the interior), many square openings were made, which due to their orientation, allow the entry of solar energy during the winter months in order to heat the building. At the same time, the interior design and decoration of the proposed spaces, follows the overall styling, aiming to a harmonious analogy of the outside to the inside.

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